100 Day Project, Crashing and a Download for You

Did you have a good (holiday) weekend? We went to the mountain cabin, hung out with a few fantastic visitors and enjoyed glorious weather. It was lovely. But let’s all admit this one fact – even when you have a fabulous weekend with friends, nothing beats the feeling of quiet and solitude after. It’s the best of both worlds, right?

So. Let’s get to the crashing part. Last week I excitedly informed that I’m participating in the 100 Day Project. I didn’t jump into this challenge without planning and absolutely know that it will be the nudge I need to instill creativity into my daily life. I also have had a strong urge to explore oils and more opaque painting so this is the perfect avenue. That was where things went terribly wrong, my friends.

Last week I learned to never begin a challenge with both something you’re not totally comfortable with AND by exploring this new medium by painting something a bit complicated – like a house – something with details and proportions. Here, let me show you…

#100DayProject day 2/100. I decided to paint this farmhouse in only opaque gouache. I got this far and crashed. Then I may have cried and tossed a few things around. Next…

#100DayProject day 3/100. I went more middle of the road and began a landscape – not too difficult – forgiving, right? I became frustrated and began to add in some watercolor.

Crash. Cry. Toss. Rethink #100DayProject. #ExploreCreativity.

I decided that I needed to ease into this challenge. Begin with what I know. Don’t make each day so difficult and frustrating that I don’t want to return the following day. Case in point, the top photo along with the ones below. We’ll call them #100DayProject day 4/100.

Photography. I stopped taking pictures for fun when illness/shaking hands caused problems. Now that the shaking has subsided, it was on my list of creative ventures to explore. So, I photographed the dogwood we planted just last spring. Are the pink blooms glorious? And so apropos for Easter.

Having fun taking pictures wasn’t frustrating and made me want to take more. A good thing indeed.

FREEBIE: Like the image above? Click on it and then right click to save and use as your new springtime wallpaper!

And then. #100DayProject day 5/100 I painted. In watercolor.

Reboot. I’m totally 100% psyched and ready for the days to come. This could actually work.

Are you challenging yourself? You creativity? Run up against any good roadblocks?


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  1. You have such a wonderful attitude, Lori!!
    And it is truly inspirational.
    Oh, how I love the dogwood, both the photograph and the painting.
    Thank you SO much for sharing the wallpaper file here.
    Wishing you a belated, but very sincere, Happy Easter!

  2. It’s always nice to know this happens to the best of us and a huge reminder to me that I should persevere and experiment when things go wrong and hazy! Thank you for being honest to make some of us feel better about “mistakes” and where they can lead us.

    • Thanks, Brigitte. Yes, mistakes and second thoughts are a constant in my life. It’s important, in my book, to share all – the good, the bad and even the ugly.

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