13:365 (and a fun new app)

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13:365 of #365Drawings

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Hi all! I’m trying to (sometimes) blog document my collection of sketches, doodles, drawings and paintings which contribute to 365 Drawings, a series created by this lovely lady.  I always post my updates on Instagram (if you’re interested in following along or joining in) You can also follow on Twitter by entering #365Drawings.

Todays drawing was digitally created using my iPad – the most fun art app I’ve come across to date and, just think, no watercolor spills!

The second is my very own font! It was created very quickly using a fantastic app called iFontmaker. (yes, I’ve been a little App crazy lately) The fun part is you can instantly create a shareable and downloadable .tff file which can actually be put to good use!  Feel free to download my font here. (let me know if you have trouble with the link)

As for the bags? I’ve got several luscious new babies in the works. Updates to soon follow.

Posted in my sketchbook.


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