52 Weeks of Print: 3/52

Scenario: You have a cold. You feel a little achy. You want to be a lump and sit, hoping that you miraculously blend into the woodwork so that you can continue to sit and do nothing. 
That’s me for the most part. If I’m deathly ill. But a cold? I’m all for the blending into the woodwork part, but the hands have got to be active.
And that’s why I carved three stamps for week three instead of one. 
As for the carving, it’s becoming more controlled. I now have the extreme urge to carve a massive linoleum block. Enormous. 

52 Weeks of Print: 3/52

So I carved a leaf. But when it was put to use, I didn’t like the outline. So…

52 Weeks of Print: 3/52

I cut out the outline. Better.

52 Weeks of Print: 3/52

Next I carved a somewhat detailed flower. Impressed? No?
Me neither.

52 Weeks of Print: 3/52

Third, I carved a pointy oval shape which, when stamped, I absolutely loved.
My imagination soared with this stamp. The possibilities are endless.

52 Weeks of Print

Later this week, stamps on recycled linen – yay!
The end.
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  1. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see them on linen. I’m betting there are some gorgeous printed handbags in the future. 🙂 I have a linoleum cutter (have had it for years)… now I just need to get around to getting linoleum block and some ink… this looks like way too much fun!

  2. These are wonderful, Lori.
    I especially like the first one, and what a difference removing the outline made.

    I hope you are feeling all better real soon.

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