a beautiful story to inspire your monday (and16:365)


vibrant turquoise in a sea of colorless winter
and to inspire…
Growing tired of music while walking on my treadmill, I recently downloaded the iTunes University app. Oh my – I was like a kid in a candy store! The free lectures and courses are truly mind boggling. 
My favorite to date is called Masters of Photography by National Geographic Live As you enjoy an amazing slide show you’re treated to incredible stories from the photographers. I watch all of these on my phone! (you can enjoy them on your computer, phone, ipad, reader, etc.)
Thought you’d enjoy this one beautiful story. (this is the uTube version. The actual lecture which is more in depth is #3 in the list of lectures. Be sure to check it out. Until then, enjoy this short.)

Have a lovely, inspired Monday.

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  1. well first of all I come to see your post and I loved your drawing especially (as always), but I TOTALLY loved also, the video you included. How amazing for that photographer. I don’t have “I” anything but will see if I can access those channels on you-tube independently. Would love to see the photographers accounts… thanks for sharing Lori

  2. I love hearing that someone else isn’t necessarily entertained by music all the time while exercising. That is not common – at least in my community. But I get bored to TEARS by music and would rather see and hear a good lesson. Good idea.

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