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Today was one of those nonstop Mondays. Ever have one of those? It was time for our bi-annual trip to the neurologist. He looked at Jes and said, “Hey! She’s good! That will be $30.00, please. Thank you very much. See you in four months.” Guess I shouldn’t complain, right? The only good thing about going to the neurologist is that he’s located next to one of the best shopping districts in Atlanta.
Even more randomly:
Jessie heads to youth camp next week and is in need of a swimsuit – something suitable for a church camp. She has nothing suitable – one of those moments when that lightbulb SHOULD go off in my head and make me go, “hmm….”, but instead we went shopping in the fabulous shopping district for a suitable suit.
What’s all this got to do with a can’t miss tutorial? Absolutely nothing. So let’s cut to the good stuff.
waterstone reclaimed leather handbags lori plyler
I recently discovered Under the Sycamore, a lovely blog by Ashley Ann, an equally lovely and uber talented photographer. (Uber is my favorite new word this week so I may use it a tad too much.) This tutorial on how she turned a wire wastebasket into an Anthropologie-worthy kitchen light blew me away.
Take a look and tell me you don’t feel the same way. Go ahead, tell me. I dare ya and I’ll go so far as to guarantee that her blog will be added to your blogroll. THAT’S how certain I am that you will love her.
How do I know? It’s a gift. You can thank me later…or now. Whatever. Oh wait. I’m not the talented one who can whip a wastebasket into a light fixture. Shucks. It’s really not about me at all, is it? 🙂 Okay, so go visit Ashley Ann. However, if you have an overwhelming urge to throw a “hello” or a “how ya doin?” or even a “Wow! Great tutorial!” in my general direction before you leave, I won’t complain.
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