a conundrum & a thrifty decorating tip


I love art. Love making it and love collecting it. And with J’s recent homecoming I am left with one big conundrum – what to do with all the art…and I don’t part with the art.

Contemplating a montage wall but the thought terrifies me. And by the way – why does putting a little nail in a wall terrify one so?

Plants. Lots of those, too. Their placement, however, isn’t as perplexing.

This is my much easier and less stressful black and white photo montage wall. As you can see it’s a rather large wall and I plan to fill it as much as possible. Nice thing about these is that symmetry isn’t such an issue so adding new framed images is a snap. Here’s what I do…

Thrifty Decorating Tip: hit up Goodwill for frames. Paint them black or white. Get a large piece of white mat board (Michaels, local art or frame shop, etc.) and cut to the dimension of the frame.

Next, center your black and white photo (which you ordered from Sam’s or Walmart for .57) and attach to the front of the board with double sided tape. No one will ever know that this image isn’t professionally framed. Unless they look too closely and, I don’t know about you, but this type of person is not my friend.

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  1. It looks great! Stress free tests for expanded montaging would be to use paper-cut-outs in the shape/size of your frames to trial your plans and or (assuming they are available in the US) try the 3M picture hanging strips instead of nails. Have wonderful fun!

  2. I like the montage effect. I have pictures we still have never hung in our house (we moved in Dec 09). I want to do this on the stairs going up. Your house looks so warm and inviting. Mine looks like ‘early hoarders’ chic’ complete with well lived in piles everywhere about to topple and a healthy coating of dust! πŸ˜‰ Have you seen those gallery shelves? Little black matte shelves that have a lip and you can prop your photos up on them like on your mantel. That might be an interesting option and would allow you to change without getting out the spackle! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Conundrum solved, I had no doubt, it all looks fabulous, great tips, my favorite places to shop, even when I visit England the charity shops I go LOL.. The wall is going to look fabulous all filled up and what fun you have finding all the pieces of art. Your foods looking awful yummmmy, thanks for sharing and have lots of fun and a great weekend. It’s been hotter in S Ont. then in Egypt imagine thats yikessss it’s melting out there, thanks goodness for my air..

  4. Your wall looks great — only wish I had a blank wall to do this. And “this type of person is not my friend”, I agree.

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