a diy project using recycled leather…

recycled leather card pouch
Not sure what hit me but I was in a rummaging mood today. I dug through my box of recycled leather from old handbags and came across this weather piece – it was once the bottom of a very nice bag.

recycled leather card pouch
Still had the machine holes around the perimeter so I took a strand of waxed linen, a recycled metal stud (also from an old handbag) and a tapestry needle. Think I’ll make more with a key ring on the side as I have lots more leather. Wouldn’t it make a sweet little key chain?

recycled leather card pouch


  • sturdy  piece of leather – oval or rectangle
  • clips (office supply type)
  • linen thread or similarly sturdy thread
  • tapestry needle
  • awl or leather hole punch or…a heavy nail, hammer and piece of wood will do in a pinch
  • metal stud or snap
  • glue 

To Make:

  • Fold and clip into place
  • Thread your needle, knot the thread and begin at the bottom, stitching in and out. When you reach the top, stitch in the opposite direct back down then knot your thread. Add glue over the knot to secure.
  • Punch a hold for the stud or snap and attach according to manufacturers instructions.

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  1. So very cute! Speaking of key chains, I had an aha moment with my fab new bag the other day. I am constantly searching for my keys in the depths…maybe a little D-ring sewn into the interior that you could clip your keys to? That would make the bag even more than perfect! (Because I think it is perfect as it is!)
    Enjoy the day!

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