a happy friday at home

After driving for ten hours yesterday through the snow, rain, sleet, and wind (okay it wasn’t that bad) I arrived home feeling like this…


After a good night’s sleep, I’m kinda like this…


So itching to get going that I don’t know what to do first – vacuum, clean bathrooms, do laundry…
I think I’ll blog and wish you a happy, inspired Friday instead.
Have a good one!
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  1. Wow – those kind of drives can really catch up with you! Those items were on my to do list yesterday….so I sewed instead. I did vacuum afterward because there were threads everywhere! But the bathrooms await….If I had energy I’d do them now and feel the gratification of a job well done…but also have to grocery shop and take my son skiing! Such is life. Have a great weekend and catch up on your rest!

  2. Long drives, oh boy do I know about those. Wears me out and it takes a few days for me to recover, THEN I get busy with my routine stuff, well…that is after I do a few days of art. LOL

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