a new pencil pouch from recycled goodness


Yeppers, I made something. (and I’m making a handbag, too!) It’s the sweetest little pencil pouch to hold my collection of markers. I say sweet and little like it’s, well, sweet and little. It’s about 10.5″ long and this baby is like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag!

It’s made with recycled fabrics, leather and hardware and I love this little sucker so very much that I refuse to share, or giveaway or even sell. HOWEVER, I’m thinking of making a few additional pouches to sale.

And another thing…



I’m practicing my product photography.


Trying to “professional-ize” things a bit and I’d love your opinion, constructive criticism, etc.


I know, I know, I need a model holding the pouch for size reference. But my model is on spring break! So there ya go.
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  1. You? Professionalize your photography? You are the standard! I can give you no advice! But I’d love to have your ability! (and maybe camera!) Love the pouches and the blog is adorable and fresh!

  2. Amen, Jane! Miss Lori is the epitome of professionalism that I am trying in vain to attain. (Wow! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it 😉 Love the little pouch. I don’t have need for pencils but my tools sure could use a lovely tote to cart their badasses around in! What say you? Do you see jewelry tool totes in your future? I know a lot of beaders who would quickly get obsessed with them and I could send a few out as gifts. Think about it!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Love the pencil (or as Erin mentioned, jewelry tools) pouch! Photos are great too! The only other photo I would like to see is the product overall. In other words, a photo that shows the entire pouch in focus, taken strait on.

    I look forward to seeing your jewelry tools pouches and bags;)

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