We’ll begin with a little word of advise from the newly wised up. Do not, and I repeat NOT be the only seller at a party for realtors smack in the middle (or end, depending on whose opinion you’re getting) of a recession which includes free wine, free food, free massages, free pedicures, free manicures, and free waxings. Hint… they’re coming for the free stuff. Your product may be fabulous. They may moon and ooh and ah over it. They may add their names to your mailing list and take your cards. But they’re there for one reason and one reason ONLY – the free stuff.
Having said that, let us move on to more appetizing things, like frittatas and fruit salads on a hot summer’s evening. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had a wonderful visit with my mom and during that time we developed a yen for a frittata, ran out to the store, and gathered supplies. This is what we gathered:
about 7* large eggs, which were whisked and mixed with
waterstone lori plyler recycled leather handbags & jewelryt
I will apologize now for not being a specific recipe person. I’m strictly an eyeballer.
So mom and I mixed the eggs with…
a little milk
and a few shakes of hot sauce
then we…
waterstone lori plyler recycled leather handbags & jewelryt
sliced mushrooms, about 6
we sliced about 1 large green pepper
then sliced about three pieces of ham
and finely chopped a red onion
waterstone lori plyler recycled leather handbags & jewelryt
We sauteed the mushrooms until nice and brown, then salted and peppered
Then we added the onion, followed by the pepper (we used green and red).
We added the ham.
waterstone lori plyler recycled leather handbags & jewelryt
Once the ham was heated through, we poured the egg mixture over the vegetables and topped with a generous amount of shredded cheese.
waterstone lori plyler recycled leather handbags & jewelryt
We put the oven-friendly skillet into a 400 degree oven until the eggs began to brown and the cheese became nice and bubbly.
For the fruit salad, we combined honeydew, cantaloupe, orange, and peaches.
waterstone lori plyler recycled leather handbags & jewelryt
YUMMMMM. The perfect, inexpensive, vegetarian summer meal.
We added 7 eggs for a standard sized skillet and agreed that we should have used 10 instead.
That’s what you get for eye-balling.


  • I love how you eye-ball it. That is the way I cook too. I cringe when someone asks me for the recipe so I think you are pretty brave to put it out for all of us. Looks like it turned out pretty yummy.

  • Sorry about the show, maybe something will come later, whatever!! I like your new banner (and frittata). Can’t wait to get home and show you my new leather flower!

  • Yum! I’m an eyeballer too, can’t follow a recipe to save my life 😉

    Sorry for the bomb. My last few shows have been a bust, especially when there’s freebies around &/or the other sellers have product way less expensive than yours! Hope you made some good contacts at least!

  • Debi, can’t wait to see your leather flower! I’ll bet it’s just lovely.

    Good Girl, I wasn’t really too upset because once I analyzed the concept and the hilarity of the situation, it kinda made sense. That said, I’m thinking seriously about not doing any more things like that. They’re just too much trouble, in my opinion.

    AD, generous amount of cheese? Absolutely and amen.

  • This looks delicious! I’ll have to try it this summer with some farmer’s market veggies!

    I LOVE your new banner!

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