a sneak peek into next week

recycled leather bomber bag

from the studio

Hi all. You know how it sometimes takes awhile to find your zone once it’s been abandoned? I’m happy to announce that mine has returned as design and production seems to be (finally) clicking along as if we’d never parted.

I finished the top bomber bag just this morning. It will head to the shop early next week along with a few others.

For us, I’m hoping this weekend will be quiet and uneventful. I’m afraid our sweet Sophie isn’t well so she’ll be doing a lot of resting while we spend time with her.

Whether busy or restful, I hope that your weekend is quite lovely.

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  1. Hello my dear Lori, your mojo came back with a PUNCH, I looooove all three bags, brilliant idea with the pockets, I love the one you just finished, love the colors,when you ware it against your body no one can get into the pocket. Oh and your calender , is magnificent, exceptionally gorgeous, drawing, painting, calligraphy, outstanding, thanks so much for sharing your fabulous creations, I hope your poor babe feels better, odd my BF sweety was sick too, bless them both, hope you have the weekend you need, big hugs..

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