Hello and welcome!
I'm Lori

In a Nutshell:
(currently and formerly)

Artist & Printmaker
Designer & Maker
Portrait & Landscape Artist
Home Renderer
Wife & Mother
Dog Wrangler


I'm an artist, printmaker, designer and maker who bounces around between Atlanta and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Art has been a part of my life since I can remember and would not have been possible without the early encouragement of loved ones and a healthy dose of caffeine.

I began my professional life as a graphic designer and later moved into commissioned watercolor portraiture, architectural renderings, landscape painting and printmaking. 

I've painted with watercolor and gouache for years although I've most recently taken a walk on the wild side by revisiting oils and acrylics. As an artist who is comfortable with realistic work, my current goal is to become less restrictive with both color and design. With printmaking, I adore the tactile nature of carving directly onto linoleum then carefully transferring each print by hand.



Original paintings, fine art and prints, commissions and paper goods are available for purchase here. 

• For inquiries, contact Lori at loriplyler@icloud.com •

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