Do you remember my last shoe wish list? At the top was a great pair of Ugg platform sandals. Coveting was so heavy that I splurged and ordered a pair from Zappos, the king of all shoe retailers. Eh. They were cute, but they clomped and I felt like a horse when I tried them on. Face it, no $130.00 pair of shoes should make you feel like a horse. So back to Zappos they went. This is what I got for myself. Don’t laugh. Okay, go ahead and laugh. I really don’t care. In real life I’m an unabashed Birkenstock girl. Can’t help it. Love them. Love that they make my feet happy campers.
waterstone lori plyler handbags & jewelry
And then to celebrate, I had these…
In fact, I’m eating the next to last one as I type.

waterstone lori plyler recycled handbags & jewelry
Quite a few fine, beautiful, and unique handbags and necklaces are being created in the studio this week. I’m not very good at holding it in with nary a hint, but I must. Saturday’s studio wrap-up will be here before we know it and by then, I’ll be in Virginia for yet another prom – egad, another story for another day. What’s my point? Well, I’m currently working my tush off to get ahead so that the proverbial beat is not skipped while I’m gone.
In the meantime, the Birkenstocks are keeping my feet unfashionably comfy and the chocolate covered strawberries keep my tummy happy so that the creating can be done.
It’s difficult being the Birkenstock wearing, strawberry eating mama of a socialite, state-to-state prom hopping teen while simultaneously creating fabulous handbags and jewelry.
That’s what the wine is for. 🙂
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