an instagram week and a thank you…

thank you ever so kindly

thank you ever so kindly

instagram Week

Studio Waterstone’s new thank you card. Sound southern? Hope so – it was certainly my intention. The cards will eventually be available in the art shop but they were created as a little “thank you” to include with handbag purchases.

Instagram: For some reason, Oreo took center stage last week with Instagram. She kind of deserves it as, oddly enough, old age is making her a little less ornery and entirely more sociable…contrary to her strike pose shown above.

As the shops slow down it’s time for me to focus more on a few custom requests and decorating for the holidays. Yes, I am exceedingly slow.

Have a great day folks.

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  1. That sweet cat makes me forget that I am allergic and am not a cat lover to say that I would love to nuzzle your sweet Oreo! I love the new cards. Great idea! I just started sending out postcards that are pre-stamped with my orders that include a special code for the recipient to use and then mail onto a friend for a referral. We will see how that goes in the new year! I am exceedingly slow as well, good to know that I am in such great company! But good things come to those who wait, and in small packages. I just hope my clients believe that as well! Enjoy the day!

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