art and a “new” book



Interesting quote, don’t you think? And notice the curves on that leaf! Talk about inspiring – mother nature is quite the artist.

I haven’t shown you any thrifting scores lately, probably because I’m trying not to be a spendy girl. Anyway, I was out this week (trying not to be a spendy girl) and happened upon this book, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. After previously downloading a sample from Amazon, I was in love. The full version was on my wish list so I was elated to find it for $1.50 while thrifting. Score!

Have you read it? Heart wrenching and at the same time, laugh out loud hilarious – stories narrated by Enzo, the pup who believes that he will be reborn in his second life as a human with, finally, opposable thumbs. You must check this out.

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