beating the heat and playing a new tune


Baby it’s hot outside.
For us, the past week was full of lake floating to beat the heat, laughter, and delicious food.
More on that tomorrow.

For now, I say hello and I leave you with a musical gift.  Found this and I know you will enjoy it.
I kind of love this version.

What say you?

How did you stay cool over the 4th?

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  1. Loooooooved the song – thanks for sharing. When you have a minute can I pick your brain about adding tabs to my blog? I did it in a very rudimentary way but know there is a way to be a little more “elegant.” BTW, I got together with Jen J. and another girlfriend weekend before last and we talked about a: how cool you are and b: they then oohd and aahd over my growing SW handbag collection 🙂

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