black bean, avocado & corn summer salad
The veggies are in! Our pile of vidalia onions grows and I just keep hoarding. When it comes to home grown veggies I am like a stingy little kid who won’t share her toys. Embarrassing but true.

I digress…

Last night I had a yen for these delicious quesadillas and wanted something cool and fresh on the side. I had four ears of corn and a can of black beans which were begging to be combined so I did a little research and created this simple salad.

black bean, avocado & corn salad

black bean, avocado & corn salad

black bean, avocado & corn salad
For the corn, I preheated the oven to around 350-ish, drizzled each ear with a little olive oil then added a little salt and black pepper. Roasted them for about 20 minutes and then switched over to broil to quickly brown the tops. (You could also wrap them in foil and grill them but I was lazy)

As you may have surmised, I have no amounts for my ingredients. Just add what you have and magically, it works.

It was uh-ma-zing and can easily be eaten as a complete meal which, in fact, I had today for lunch. It’s even better after resting overnight in the fridge.


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