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ever felt as though you are swimming around in a dense fog? i’m generally a very organized person and travel quite well. but for some reason my brain seems to have remained in another state even after my body returned to georgia this week. eesh.

just taking a few moments before i attempt to tackle that “to do” list this morning. yesterday i had the chance to HAND deliver the leather wristlet, this months giveaway. as it turns out, kelley lives about five minutes from my own home! i’m hoping to post a link to the video we shot. she taught me how to make a bead. thankfully, i did not catch my hair on fire. so that’s later today. can’t wait for you to see it in all it’s glory. šŸ™‚

my new favorite breakfast obsession is pictured above. yogurt, fresh blueberries, and homemade toasted almond and oatmeal granola. oh my but it IS delicious. it’s supposed to be brain food, but as i stated earlier, my brain is still on vacation. it wrote to me and said that it may be back tonight. i think it wandered off around dollywood.

oh, and my free model/daughter/gluten-free secretive chef created the granola from a combination of recipes. the most i got from her was that she combined whole almonds, gluten-free oats (bob’s red mill), brown sugar, honey, vanilla, a little butter, and toasted the whole thing until it got a little brown and crisp. i’m pretty sure she added other things but she’s quite sneaky and unwilling to share. her sharing issues are the very reason she failed kindergarten three times. šŸ™‚


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