busy-ness, bracelets, and pouches

I said that I would be doing a book review this week but it’ll have to be moved to next week because of all the busy-ness and goings-on. Mr. W is moving to…

studio waterstone

…Columbus, Ohio, our future home. I’ll follow along once the house sells.
So much to do this week and so little time. Really.

I’ve tried working a little on new key pouches this week. But so far only one is complete.

studio waterstone

And as a little aside…
I’m linking you up to this FABULOUS tutorial I found today on Pinterest.


Are these yummy or what? Found this tutorial on a great site called Honestly…WTF.
You will not believe just how easy these gorgeous bracelets are to make.
They’re certainly on my list of new things to try out.

Be sure to check it out.

And…can anyone tell me anything good (preferably REALLY good) about Columbus, Ohio?

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  1. I’ve only been to Columbus a couple of times but the North Market farmers market is fantastic.

    Also I’m in love with those bracelets and need to try to make some! 🙂

  2. I went to college about 2 hours south of Columbus. Ohio doesn’t really spark excitement from the outside looking in, but there are lots of good things about it. Nice people. Four seasons but none of them are crazy extreme. With the University in Columbus surely there is great culture. It’s not a one company town, so there may be lots more opportunities for Mr W there. There are lots of sunny skies so people are happy and friendly. Not too hilly so running and biking are easier 🙂 A big enough airport you can catch a jet somewhere easily if you want to get away!

  3. Good about Columbus OH, my sister and two neices live there I could surely get a list from them.

    Let me know when you are going and where you will stay (just the general area) and I’ll ask her. She has lived there for 32 years.

  4. Sorry can’t help with anything about Columbus except to wish you luck with selling the house and moving! Have to go check out the bangles next, thanks for the link

  5. Honestly, WTF is a great site! Thanks for the link again. I keep wanting to try it.

    I have not been to Columbus, but I know people from Ohio and they are all really nice. I think that you will be south enough for a great mix of seasons, but not too extreme. I am sure that it will be a lovely adventure! We are rooting for you!

    Enjoy the day!

  6. I live east of Cleveland, but many of my friends have family/friends in Columbus. Because of Ohio State, there are more things there than a typical town that size. Several well done art shows that I know about, also.

    When they get snow in Columbus, the town just about shuts down! Much like the South.

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