this week
waterstone lori plyler artisan handbags

waterstone lori plyler artisan handbags
new things, new ideas, new materials
waterstone lori plyler artisan handbags
her third phone in two weeks. ouch.
waterstone lori plyler artisan handbags
here’s to the weekend.


  • YES! Yay for the weekend! Now that you are caught up on LOST episodes and making your way through email, we need to meet up so I can give you your bead you made. And I want to meet Sophie! 😀

  • It's a good thing I didn't have a cell phone when I was a teenager or I'm sure I wold have gone through a ton of them. HA!

  • Okay, I'm with you Kristin. Have to admit that I would have lost a few myself. Actually she hasn't lost one. She's dropped them in the toilet, washed and dried a few, and just flat out killed the rest. A phone can only take so much texting. Lesson learned – pay extra for the replacement contract.

  • Looks like it was a busy week for your tired ol' doggie. I feel just the same … ready for a long lazy weekend 🙂

  • Hi! I'm visiting from The Lady Bloggers Society. LOVE your blog! Hope to come back later and spend more time clicking around!

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