Watercolor Initials

Don’t know about you, but after all the snowy white and rainy gray days, this girl is ready for some color. Blue skies. Wild flowers. Green grass. (sigh) Maybe that’s why the logo needed a shot of color. (notice a few blog changes?)

Watercolor Initials

I sprinkled on purpose.
And smeared…

Watercolor Initials

Know the feeling the moment you do something you regret? Like, for instance, swiping your hand across a fresh watercolor? No? Only me?
This would be one of those moments when I’m truly thankful for Photoshop. 
From the studio…

Recycled Leather Pouch

I must be in a pouch mood these days. Really need to get some new bags in the shop. But the pouches. It’s been a long time since I’ve added those little leather petals. This leather pouch will head to the shop tonight.


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