waterstone reclaimed handbags lori plyler
Do you remember when I slipped in a little comment about playing with paint? I finally had the chance to get started this week. Inspired by an article in an old Mary Engelbreit magazine that I’d pulled out one evening, I am making my small attempt at combining the two arts of painting and design.
waterstone reclaimed handbags lori plyler
The paint on both bags, especially the black, will need a second coat. I love the stark contrast of the black against the wrinkled canvas and reclaimed bright red suede straps. Can you tell what the suede did in it’s former life? I used front button seams. One strap has the buttons and the other has the button holes. (click here for more info on this bag)
waterstone reclaimed handbags lori plyler
Finally got around to ordering cotton fabric tags from Mommie Made It.
Thinking I should have left off the web address. Sigh. I clearly need to get a life.
waterstone reclaimed handbags lori plyler

waterstone reclaimed handbags lori plyler
waterstone lori plyler reclaimed handbags leather
With the wristlet above, I used new canvas and reclaimed materials. The little rose pin was my inspiration.
I’m thinking of offering the painted canvas bags at a lower price point. Although you would be surprised at the amount of time painting these little suckers eats up.
Honest critiques are most graciously welcome. So… whadayathink?
until next time…


  • lori, these are really lovely! you did a beautiful job, i love the black and white of the first one but i love the addition of the little pin on the second! take care, susan

  • I especially like the top one! The black flowers are like silhouettes…

    And I think it looks like a smart move to have your website address on the tag. Otherwise people will first have to google Waterstone, and then get to your website. 🙂

  • I love Mary Engelbreit's work! My Aunt Gail (the one who taught me lampworking) worked with Mary in an art store years before she ever became famous.

    LOVE the first bag. Everything about it. That the flowers are in total blackness like shadows. Love how you wrote grow…like it was growing up the stem. LOVE the red strap with buttons and button holes. I also love the nametag…including the url. It has been in the back of mind to expand my branding. To get stamps/stickers/address labels for shipping/packaging purposes…I just haven't taken that step yet.

  • beautiful! i adore the first one. the second one is an odd shade of green to me, but still pretty awesome.


    xo Alison

  • I'm in love with the wristlet! But then the bag is cute, too. I'd probably have to snag both if I came across them in the store. 🙂

  • Wow. Just wow. They are both so beautiful. How did you paint that writing so well? Unfair. It seems my left-handedness is killing me again.

  • Amie, I'm left handed, too. I say this because when I was young I wanted SO BADLY to learn calligraphy but couldn't learn b/c I was left handed. As a result, I just got a calligraphy book and free handed the alphabets over and over. (I was odd like that). So for me it was a curse but a bit of a blessing as well, I guess. 🙂

  • Love these – the black and white one best ! I LOVE Mary Engelbreits Home Companion – I still can't believe it is no longer published : (

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