come walk with us

Sophie and I walk every day in this humongous park which also is a neighborhood, plus an amphitheater,  plus a golf course, plus mountain bike trails, plus a museum, plus a wedding facility.
The trees are so beautiful, temperatures cold and I thank the person who invented ear muffs.
Thought you’d like to see a little eye candy.  Join us?
taken from my car on the way out of the park, but the stairs in the middle of this driveway are…interestingly…interesting. for me? a hazard, for sure
my pardner.
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  1. What a lovely area to walk in..those stunning old homes and gorgeous Autumn foliage… beautiful and thank you for taking us there.

  2. What a beautiful walk! I bet there is lots of daydreaming that goes on during those walks. I too have beautiful walking trails where I live. Each community is connected by these walking/bike trails, so it makes each walk an interesting journey!

  3. Wow! There is nothing better than walking with your best pup-friend when your surroundings are so beautiful! There is something so peaceful about “established” neighborhoods, isn’t there! I wish I had this to look at! I live in a neighborhood with a total of 3 streets, which are connected to a semi-rural, non-sidewalk-type road. I can tell you how many leaves have fallen from each tree on a daily basis…ugh! So happy you are enjoying your new-found neighborhood! I bet Sophie is in heaven!

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