studio waterstone tutorial recycled leather necklace

Kelly from The Pretty Bee wins this pretty little necklace shown above and highlighted in last week’s tutorial – just in case you’d like to make a similar necklace of your very own.
BTW, hop over to Kelly’s beautiful blog for a visit – you’ll be glad you did.
Congratulations, Kelly!

Didn’t win? Don’t fret! If I can get my ducks in a row this morning I’ll have a BRAND NEW GIVEAWAY beginning tomorrow. I know! One right after the other – I must be crazy, right?

No, I just love my readers and want to give you lots of pretty goodies.


What else is going on this week?

On Wednesday we’ll confess to having a serious case of BLOG ENVY
(hey, it’s better than some envies I can think of)

On Thursday, we’re back with Featuring Studio Spaces. I can’t wait to show you our visit with Jane Skoch of Maiden Jane. She’s offering up lots of great information as well yummy pictures of her studio space.

On Saturday, we’ll jump back onto It’s a Wrap: Studio Saturday. You’ll have the chance to leave a link showing what you’ve been up to this week. What, you say? I know, I was a slackie last week but in my own defense, last week is still swirling around somewhere in the twilight zone.

See you tomorrow!


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