creative road blocks, a tiny story & a fantastic message

I’m wondering about the rest of you in the good old US of A and whether you had trouble focusing yesterday.  Did you?  Oh my – I sure did. Body, mind, and soul hit the creative road block. And I don’t think it was only about the election. So, I finally threw in the towel and cleaned.  Sort of.  And with that I’ll tell you a tiny story.
My daughter had a canceled class and was able to sleep late.  Around noonish, I walked into her room. Now, I can’t tell this story without describing the state of said room. Once I took a picture and put it on Facebook to play a game like “Where’s Waldo” or  “I Spy”. Anyway…
The norm is that when I’m in this room, I can’t look directly at her while speaking because of the sheer level of distraction.  As I turn to walk out, a stretch and a moan come from a dark spot directly in front of me, few feet ahead.  It’s Sophie.  I never even saw her – the obvious living, breathing thing directly in front of me was overlooked.

Now, for a really fantastic message about creativity and focus, go here.  You will not regret.  I promise.

The end.
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