death by bags, taxes, and the dog

I love spring.

The bags! I have new bags to list but my model ran out the door before I could stop her and take pictures. Actually that’s not true. First she came down all cleaned up and pretty after I’d reminded her that we needed to take pictures. Then we sat, chatted, had lunch, watched last night’s episode of New Girl (hilarious!) and then…she left. And I said @#$%.

I did taxes today. H.A.T.E. doing taxes. But then…

I got this in the mail and my day was made. (delivered Priority. Two days after subscribing. Yeah!)  I have a beautiful, creative light at the end of this day of plugging in numbers like a zombie. (did I say I hate doing taxes?)

And finally…


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  1. Hey Lori and you make beautiful bags too, what a talented Lady your are. Funny how we get chatting and forget everything else, we’ve all done it, I sometimes make something give it to the person and thing Phoo I didn’t take a pic LOL…. Have a fun creative day my dear…

  2. Ooooh, taxes. I put them off as long as I can. No, it doesn’t help matters and it prolongs the agony..I guess, in some warped way, it makes me feel that ‘I’ am being the boss over the IRS…hahahaha…Silly me. xo

  3. Kill me with that floral bag! I love it! I am longing for spring and color. That fits the bill. Taxes are looming for me this coming week. Ugh. And that pup. Love her. Give her a scritch behind the ears for me. Enjoy the day. Erin

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