waterstone lori plyler camera dslr
obsessing over light and what I can do with the effects of it.
waterstone lori plyler camera dslr
camera. desired.
waterstone lori plyler camera dslr

waterstone lori plyler camera dslr

waterstone lori plyler camera dslr

waterstone lori plyler camera dslr
desiring and obsessing.
drooling for a serious (or beginner, affordable) dslr.
so, what are you using? are you happy with it?
would you like to be a camera bug if only you had more time?
how important ARE pictures anyway?
too many questions?


  • I just graduated to my first DSLR – a Canon Rebel T1i. I couldn’t be happier with it. I am still learning but I feel it’s a great camera. Pictures are definitely important and I wish I had more time to experiment and get better. I don’t go anywhere without my camera.

  • I love my Nikon D90 and am thrilled with the pics that it takes. Makes me look like an almost decent photographer 🙂

    I think pics are extremely important when you are selling any type of product online. People want to clearly see what they are buying. I think your point & shoot does a great job, but totally understand the desire for a dslr

  • The latest blog post on my blog shows my newest camera: a cigarbox pinhole with polaroid back… custom made and gorgeous. Check the photos I made with it so far!

  • I’m using the Canon Powershot SX10IS which I bought when my daughter was born. I wanted the best simple camera and the video was very important to me as well. This is not a SLR but it give the feeling of the ‘real thing’.
    Also, its huge zoom (equivalent to 28-560mm) is very impressing for its light weight.
    BUT, no, I’m not so satisfied with it. I think it’s the perfect family camera, if I can call it that way, and it’s the best for shooting your kiddies when they run around, wherever they are (you can’t hide from this zoom!!) but as a proper camera I desperately need a new one.

    I’m about to have a little commission soon and hopefully would be able to buy one of the cameras in the first comments… (yes, these are the 2 I was checking out).

    I’m also in love with anything old like Polaroids and any kind of lomo but doesn’t come instead of a decent DSLR for me.

    (and about being a camera bug? you don’t really need time for that do you? I shoot non stop…. no matter where/when…)

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