did you know? a tutorial and a fact

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Everybody knows that you can view blogs on your mobile phone, right? Duh. Well, did you know that you can now view a version of Studio Waterstone which is formatted just for your mobile phone? That’s right. No sidebars, it’s much faster, each post is condensed, and best of all, you can comment! Yuh-huh. Just try it out.

So how do we make this happen? It’s easy. Just go to your Blogger dashboard. Click on Settings, then Email & Mobile, then click the little button that says, “Yes. On mobile devices show the mobile version of my template.” Click Save and that’s it. You’ve gone mobile, baby.

Now, who said Blogger sucks? Not me. (sigh, blush, avoiding eye contact)

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  1. Well, I guess I am a fossil and live in the archaic age, but I do not have an internet phone, just plain ole cell and I like it that way, BUT, I sure love coming here and seeing your beautiful posts and inspiration you share, in a larger format for these old eyes!

  2. Hahahahaha – except when I comment my large man hands say
    " ncjwpidtgxbski;s" instead of
    " Happy Tuesday" XO

  3. i was wondering why your blog looked different on my phone .. thanks.. changing mine too.

  4. My goodness, is there no end to the things you can do and know???

    Keep it up!

    Change mine as well.

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