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Fall is in the air and scarves are on the brain. I am, after all, a scarf fanatic, with an entire section on Pinterest devoted to the subject. This is one of my favorite scarf tutorials to date.

It has affordability, softness, comfort, and simplicity all rolled into one. I love it. So much so that the model and I were fighting over said scarf. So, I made a second one for me…which she’ll probably take.

You like? It’s an extra large – which is good for a project like this.

What You’ll Need:
Dress (or skirt) with a wide bottom section, similar to the one shown above
Sewing machine

What You’ll Do:

Lay the dress out flat with the front and back hem together at the bottom.
I made two scarves, one wider and one narrower.

For the narrow scarf, measure 12″ from the hem and cut straight across.

For the wider scarf, measure 20″ from the hem and cut straight across.

Fold the fabric over with wrong sides facing (right side on the outside) and pin.

Set your machine to a zig-zag stitch. I set it for wider stitches with a medium stitch length.

Stitch around the entire pinned section. It will naturally pull if the fabric is knit, like mine, creating a wonderful ruffling of the edge. In fact, the harder you pull, the more ruffle you’ll get.

And that’s it! No, really, that’s it!

On the wider scarf, I only stitched the seam closed.

On the narrower scarf, I zigzagged around both edges because I loved the ruffled effect.


Now, run to your closet and dig out that old skirt or dress. Then play. A lot.

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