studio waterstone handbags
Recycled Leather “Hope” Cuff

What You’ll Need:

scrap leather
raised button

What You’ll Do:
Cut two pieces of leather, approximately the size of your wrist circumference.
I cut my strips 6.5″ x 1.5″

Cut another small strip about 3.5″ x .25″

studio waterstone handbags
Clip the smaller strip to one end of the leather. Make sure that the button will pass through.

studio waterstone handbags
Stitch this piece to the leather.

studio waterstone handbags


studio waterstone handbags
Clip both pieces together, right sides out.

studio waterstone handbags
Stitch together around the edges.

studio waterstone handbags
I got a little carried away and stitched a few swirls.


studio waterstone handbags
Clip the charm to the center and, using your yarn, attach the charm to the leather.

studio waterstone handbags
Center the button and attach it to the leather.

studio waterstone handbags
You could stop here, but to finish it off nicely…


studio waterstone handbags
Cut a piece of felt approximately 1/4″ smaller around than the leather.
(I added my label)


studio waterstone handbags
Attach the label to the felt then attach the felt to the backside of the leather and…

studio waterstone handbags

studio waterstone handbags


studio waterstone handbags


  • Well, the most unusual thing is that I don't have a handbag. I keep my id in a cell phone holder, no cell phone, just the holder. (hey it has the clip to hang from my waistband! how convenient.)

  • The most unusual thing in my purse would be a crayon my nephew told me to hold on too because he would be checking to make sure I carry it everywhere! LOL!

  • This is a beautiful cuff!

    The most unusual thing in my bag right now is my lip ring. I had an interview the other day and forgot to take it out before I left the house.

  • I have done number 1, 2 and 4 of the winning options – might blog about it later in the week (I want my latest posts of the bead babes challenge up for a little longer). The most unusual thing in my handbag right now is a map of Paris, and used tickets to a concert I just went to during a weekend trip ;-).

  • The most peculiar thing I carry around in my purse is a multi-tool. I'm a firm believer in always being a woman prepared and this guy has stepped in to rescue a situation more times than I can count. It has screwdrivers and pliers, a pocket knife, and a can opener.

  • I love the cuff – you do the most amazing things! The most unusual thing in my purse now is a little screwdriver with several heads to it. Always be prepared!!!

  • I already stalk oh I mean follow you everywhere I can. This would be awesome to give to my sweet daughter as she is 18 and sometimes needs a reminder. I love your tutorials so much and I may actually start sewing again sometime soon.

  • The most unusual thing in my purse, hmm, I just cleaned it out so it is probably a couple gift cards that have only pennies on them. For some reason I can't throw them out and I rarely remember to use them when I'm in the stores.

  • the most unusual thing in my purse… a little railroad spike that is about 3 1/2 inches long,, i ran over it two weeks ago and had a flat.. but its so cool looking. I kept it.

  • I followed over from Hope Studios link party, and I'm sure glad I did! I'm now a follower of your blog. Love this bracelet and if I don't win it, you can bet I'll be making my own!

  • lori!
    your designs are beautiful!
    my jaw dropped wide open when i saw a bag with a belt handle…
    the word clever just doesn't measure up!
    LOVE that! love!

    that cuff is SO great!
    a lucky winner for sure!
    off to do some subscribing & liking!
    with a skip in my step!

    did you paint that heart on your toe yet? :O)
    thanks for your kindness btw!

  • Most unusual thing…I just cleaned it last week, but there is a tape measure. Not to weird.

    But last week there was a mini skateboard 🙂

  • I "liked" you on facebook and the most unique thing in my purse right now is a small heart shaped slinky that my three year old gave me. 🙂
    Thank you for spreading the love with this wonderful giveaway!

  • i love this tutorial…..
    would love to make one!!!
    or win it
    my daughter's middle name is hope…she is named after my mom whose name means hope 🙂
    anyway…the most unusual think in my bag right now is my new hello kitty tape measurer keyring that i just got…and love

  • this is SO GREAT! love it!
    wish you a lovely and creative day today – sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  • i follow your blog!! the most unusual thing in my handbag is a thing of tooth paste.. no tooth brush to use with it!! i love this cuff!!

  • the most unusual thing in my purse right now are two empty toilet paper rolls. i am saving them for a crafty project to whereever I am and if there is an empty roll on the holder I take it. weird, i know! lol

  • The most unusual thing in my purse is broken glass. This isn't just any glass, this is glass from a car accident I was in in October. My son and I survived what should have been a fatal crash and when my side window shattered the glass fell into my purse. I keep it there to thank God every day that we survived.

  • I don't normally carry a purse around but have one when we go to the city so there really isn't anything out of the ordinary in there (sure wish I could find money in there though! hehehe)

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