Today I’m going to show you just how easy it is to create your own, mighty fine recycled leather wrap bracelet. Better yet, after I show you how to make it, one lucky reader will win it! (Okay, my model took the actual bracelet and I’m making a replacement. Story of my life.)

DIY Recycled Leather (or Fabric) Wrap Bracelet

studio waterstone diy

What You’ll Need:

One strip of leather or fabric 34″ x 1/2″
Two strips @ 17″ x 1/2″
One Charm – either a ring or with one loop on each end
(psst…the loopy charms are in the scrapbook section)

What You’ll Do:

You can make this bracelet one of two ways.

If you have a charm similar to the one shown below and your leather is 34″ long, you will simply need to thread the charm through and center it. Seriously, that’s it!

If you have two separate pieces…

studio waterstone diy
…you’ll need to fold an end through each loop and stitch as shown.

studio waterstone diy

Ta Da! Now go wrappy wrappy and tie.

studio waterstone diy

Now. I have good news and bad news. The model took the “faith” bracelet.

studio waterstone diy

Good news: I’m making a sleeker, thinner, even BETTER “gratitude” bracelet to give away.

This Giveaway is Closed.


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