DIY Toms Shoe Repair

Do you own a pair of Toms shoes? I do and I’m telling you that they’re like bedroom shoes – beloved, don’t ever want to throw them out bedroom shoes.  
So, when my favorite pair of Toms began to wear through I refused to toss them out.  Then I came across this tutorial.  Yes, there was hope and I was up for the task.
Here’s what you do…
Using an iron-on denim patch, cover the worn part of the shoe.
For the fabric cover, I already had a thrifted brown linen skirt which matched perfectly.  I cut a section a little bigger than needed to cover the front of the shoe.  To keep it easy, cut a section which has a finished hem along the top.
Use permanent fabric glue and a sponge brush to cover the part of the shoe to be repaired.
Carefully apply the patch fabric and form to the bottom edge, trimming the fabric when applied.
The blue edge along the back shoe is a large rubberband which held the fabric into place until it set.
After two hours, the glue had dried and my shoes were repaired.
Favorite, bedroom slipper comfy Tom’s saved.

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  1. Yay, my daughter will be so happy about this. She still has her first pair which has a bit of a hole, but she doesn’t want to get rid of them. And what a fun way to transform them just a bit–like having a brand new pair! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. Great job!! I really appreciate anything we can repair… I fixed the hem and a couple side seams on a skirt yesterday and at first I was thinking, ‘what a pain’ (it hurts terribly to use a needle and thread because of arthritis) and then I had this strange, comforting feeling that people used to repair their clothes all the time, it was the norm and therefore, not a waste of time at all or something to dread. It was a kind of old time handmade feeling 🙂 Just wish it didn’t hurt so much 🙂

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