doodle dee doo

studio waterstone blog

Doodle dee doo. A new series of peeks into my slowly growing sketchbook. As a realist by nature, I’m attempting to be a bolder and more colorful, carefree painter – er, doodler.

studio waterstone blog

baby steps

studio waterstone blog

studio waterstone blog

A newly discovered app. I think, no I KNOW I’m in love.

studio waterstone blog

A couple more examples of this newfound toy, appropriately called Grunge.
A photo of myself (with Sophie by my side, of course) modeling a new scarf for a friend.
Clearly modeling isn’t my forte.
Has creativity taken you on a new path recently?

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  1. Your painting is gorgeous! I love the colors and the lyrical lines! Really great, Lori. This is how it happens! Did you notice you’re wearing a crown in your photo! You wear it well!

  2. I LOVE how you introduced your new creative endeavour… hinting at what was to come with that delightful glimpse of your paintbrush resting on the water jar.

    And what a lovely piece…. we’re glad you are boldly going where you haven’t gone before… and then sharing it with us!

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