studio waterstone

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I’m a little dreamy this morning in a different way from travel fun and lack of sleep! Above is Sophie on the way. She had no idea the weekend that awaited her. She was just happy to ride in the car.

studio waterstone
The girls did the Anthropologie thing. (sigh)

studio waterstone
We did A LOT of this. (sigh)

studio waterstone
Sophie on the way home – literally exhausted. (sigh)

After a MUCH needed weekend away, I’m rejuvenated, newly inspired, and ready to get back to the studio. I’m devoting myself to finishing a “few” new clutches & pouches.

It’s time for a new week – beginnings.

What’s ahead for your week? Any new beginnings?


  • That looks like a gorgeous weekend away, Lori! You don’t realise how much you need a getaway until you DO get away!! I hope you can find the time to escape and rejuvenate more often 🙂

    My week is looking busy with custom orders…in particular, a special gemstone necklace featuring a huge cabochon of minty chrysoprase, and complimented by various faceted cuts of amethyst and pink amethyst.

    Gosh, I love my job! 😀

    Have a fabulous week!


  • What a lovely weekend. Idyllic, even. Sophie reminds me a bit of a black version of my Alice. She collapses into that contented sleep after a big day too. Have a good week. I am off to sort and pack a bit more.

  • I love the shots and anthropologie always gets me inspired for creating too. My new start is to get back to my blog from a way too long break. I’m glad you have found some inspiration too.

  • My week ahead is FULL of promise and new things. I leave Weds. for Art and Soul and will have 5 glorious days of classes and reunions with friends and wine and laughter and creativity. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • LOl poor Sophie looks like my kids today after their Peeps bender this weekend. I got to have a grown up playdate with my blog friend Shannon from ForMySweetDaughter – what a blast to meet up with another creative chica …and now I have a new friend – YAY!

    Happy Monday Lori – we all need refreshing now and then XO

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