Even if the temperatures are bantering back and forth, it’s spring – officially, technically – which makes a girl dream of shorter pants, lighter skirts, and open shoes. (Can you tell that I’m ready for spring with my obnoxiously cheerfully bright blog colors? Don’t worry, I’ll probably calm down soon.)


Distressed leather shorts? I’ll take the leather on my handbags, thank you very much. But I do love the look. Belted skirts, striped tees, airy blouses, colorful fitted jackets…

studio waterstone
Earth girl checking in! Who said comfort and style can’t go hand in hand?

studio waterstone

studio waterstone

studio waterstone
these tops! Especially this one which I WILL somehow construct – you just wait.
I promise. I will.

The temperatures are beginning to rise. Have you pulled out your spring wardrobe?
What are you dreaming of adding this year?

(All of the clothing is from Anthropologie. The shoes are from Zappos and Sundance Catalog.)


  • It's still freezing here – but I just snagged a pair of super cute Dansko sandals at Nordstrom Rack for $30! I love the blouses you posted – so pretty.

  • $30 for Dansko sandals? Girl! I bow down to your shopping expertise. Isn't a bargain simply the BEST?

  • Beautiful! I love, love, LOVE the clogs with the flowers!

    Ooh, we just got a Nordstrom Rack here, I'm going shoe shopping!

  • I don't have my summer clothes out yet because the weather went back to being cold. I love those blouses you posted and the shoes with the flowers on them are to die for!!! ME LIKEY and ME WANT!
    Have a wonderful week!

  • Love them all (well not the leather shorts).

    It snowed here last night so no shorts or sandals for me just yet.

    Enjoy your week!

  • Beth, I have an old pair of my danskos which have been replaced and I'm so doing this, too. Except I'm going to paint it. A future tutorial? Me thinks!

  • The fashions look so inviting. Here in Ohio, I'm still buried in wool, though! Our temps are still in the 30s. Sign….

    Love the look of the blog!

  • spring wardrobe? where I'm at, we really don't have such a thing. It's always flip flops and shorts – most of the time. we did have a few weeks of freeze here, so we actually had to wear socks!

  • Nordstrom Rack!? Oh I wish I had known. Just spent three days with my sisters shopping!

    I am so ready for spring!

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