earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

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I love this. Think hard and finish this phrase:
If I could say one thing to myself 20 (or ten) years ago…

This is what I’d say:
“Lori, your kids will learn about fairness, good morals, healthy lifestyle, and being a happy person through example. That’s how they learn. Walk the talk. It works.”

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  1. A very good question. I like your answer, too!

    Hmmm….wow, since I got CFS 9 years ago, there’s a LOT I’d like to tell myself 10 or 20 years ago!! Stuff like …no matter how bad things seem, they WILL get better, and

    …you DO have some control over your life, even when it feels totally out of control, and

    …do everything you ever wanted to do NOW while you can!! Go hiking every day and backpacking every weekend!

    Very thought-provoking question, Lori. Thanks!


  2. “Find yourself first,…then those who are really supposed to find you, will!”

    That’s what I’d tell myself – along with a ton of other really smart things!! 🙂

    I like your ‘lead by example’ advise w/kiddos – very important piece of knowledge there!!

  3. Twenty years ago, I would tell myself it won’t always be like this. Life will be so much better and more stable.

    I love the pics of the model and need to share those with my kids!

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