earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

Been awhile, hasn’t it? It’s time for another one of THOSE questions.

studio waterstone

Breathe deeply, ponder, and finish these statements…

Referring to yourself:

I’d love to make over _________________

But I’d never change _________________

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  1. I’d love to make over …. my childhood.

    I’d never change … who I am.

    What a strangely timely pair of questions to ask. I would love to have had a childhood with much less trauma and more magic. But the childhood I had has led me to be who I am. And mostly that is full of wonder of everyday things. Kind of ironic, really.

  2. Right now, I am making over my life so I’m going to give it a few months before answering what I would change. I love where we are and where we are headed. And I’d never change my children’s innocence or sweetness.

    I love LeAnn’s response to the latter question and would also second that.

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