What six words describe your life at this very moment?

What does this tell you? Which words would you like to change?


What’s the first step?

For me:

uncertainty, worry, stress, excitement, anticipation, love

Wow. Kind of surprising! Er, not really.

I’ll change the first three, please.

My first step is meditation.


  • excited, grateful, happy, anxious, busy, growing.

    I would love to change the anxious one, and am trying with more time in the Word and with relaxation exercises.

    p.s. I wore your necklace on my blog today!

  • BUSY-planning daughter #1 wedding
    EXCITED – 1st grandbaby due in 5 weeks
    FRAZZLED – too much to do in too little time
    WORRIED – that I wont get everything done in time for the wedding
    PROUD – daughter #1 is in 3rd semester nursing and expecting our #2 grandchild in January.
    SLEEP DEPRIVED – nuf said!

  • frustrated – with my job
    stressed – looking for another job and interviewing
    worried – about mom having surgery next week (out patient but still worried)
    excited – for the Bead Soup Party and partners with Erin
    happy – spending time with my friends and having pieces in three magazines this year
    busy – with full time job, jewelry business, and life in general

    I would like to remove the frustration and stress from my life. Sometimes I feel like I can do it and other days it just overwhelms me…I keep telling myself take a deep breath and enhance my Chi!

  • Anxious about meeting new business goals and exploring new territory.
    Excited about seeing my online friends at Beadfest.
    Fortunate that I have my family.
    Fulfilled in my work.
    Happy and Sad about my daughter growing up.

  • Impatient – want to go home now!
    Tired – never get enough sleep.
    Busy – who isn’t?
    Excited – is awaiting the delivery of some good news!
    Frazzled – see all of the above 🙂
    Reflective – recalling all that’s going on in my life.

  • Hot – Live in Phoenix, fall weather please come….

    Slowed – need more motivation.

    Curious – on how things are made & done.

    Self conscious – of myself, my art & my blog but getting better.

    Reader – Got e-reader Nook and reading has doubled.

    Disorganized – No explanation needed.

    I think I am all kinds of mixed up. I would like to change just the first 2.

    first step would be to: Stop thinking about it and Just Do It.

  • exhausted, beat, nervous, excited, not-hungry, thankful. I want four word replacements please. thinking/hoping/praying an announcement to be made tomorrow will go a long ways in helping.

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