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Ever tried it? Crow’s not too bad, if you don’t deny, accept, and just chew.

I’ve been eating for about 48 hours now. My last post about hating NASCAR will have to be altered – just a bit. Must tell you that I (gasp) had a blast. I have to admit that once the race began and the cars spread out I got lost, very lost. BUT (and this is a big but) I was extremely lucky. We got to watch the race from a suite – an air conditioned, catered, bathroom equipped suite. I have no room or reason to complain.

I was truly amazed at how fast those cars go. You can’t imagine it until you see it in person. And they are, literally, within INCHES of one another. It’s a little exciting – for maybe the first fifty laps. After that, eh, snooze fest.

I would show you more photos, but quite honestly, they all looked the same. It’s a big oval with tons of cars, tons of tattoos, tons of tail-gating, a few accidents, tons of caution flags, and hours upon mind-numbing hours of cars going around and around and around and around….

Have you ingested crow recently? Do tell.


  • I did last Friday, but at least the person didn't know, so I ate crow in silence (thank goodness). I think the only way I could get through a race is in a suite also. The only way I would like to go is if I could go in one of the cars. I love me some speed!

  • Glad you had the air conditioned suite to help you get through the snooze fest and make this a more bearable experience. I don't recall the last time I ate crow, but I'm sure Todd could tell you 😀

  • I'm from Alabama. Did I tell you that? So, not only have I watched more NASCAR on t.v. (thank you, Dad) than I'll ever need to, but I've also been to those little dinky mud tracks, but the best thing I've ever heard was the opening of a NASCAR race on t.v. with Beyonce's song…"To the left…To the left…" Good stuff.

  • I would love to have been in your shoes Sunday night. 🙂 I'm glad you enjoyed the race. I think they were going about 130 mph. One of the good guys won.

  • Haha! Too funny! But being in that air-conditioned suite totally changed the name of the game, so don't feel too bad about eating crow 🙂

  • Buwahaha ! Does crow go better with white or red ??? My husband was dying to take me to a Yankees game. I knew we couldn't afford it ( I think the hot dogs are like $18.00 ) so I didn't sweat it. Well one of my husbands clients gave him tickets to his box seats and the gift of a meal in the restraunt there. – ACK !!! Thank God it was "the little room with a bathroom " and all . Same thing some grass…a field….people running around…and a free dinner. I told him it was so good I could never sit in the bleecher seats because I've been spoiled – LOL!!!

  • I think being in an air conditioned suite with accessible and clean bathrooms away from the tatooed (ahem) rabble is the only way to go.

    That is the kind of crow that would be good to eat (but I have a deep seated fear of actual crows so that image makes me want to vomit just a little bit!)

    Enjoy the day!

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