experiencing changes…

experience changes

• The state of our lives at present…

This Friday the cabin will be ours to enjoy. Can. Not. Wait. Most of the furnishings have been collected from consignment shops, Craigslist and Goodwill. Our main objective is that comfort will be the rule. Cozy chairs and soft throws. Comfort. And quirky.

Take our “new” coffee cup collection. We’re finding location cups and mugs created by hand (.77 each at Goodwill!) The two above are my favorites so far.

• From the studio…

During the day, I work on design and production. Currently…

from the studio

Lots of recycled leather camera straps.

from the studio

Small pouches made from luscious, thicker leather.
(I adore small pouches. Have i said that before?)

from the studio

Three new, full on leather bags. Nicely weathered. Yum.
Hopefully, I will have a nice shop update toward the end of this week.


And finally, I “get” to work on my class in the evenings. Learning SO much and loving every step! I’m afraid that Jeff will threaten divorce if I yell out “whoa!” one more time. I’m talking serious aha moments.

The image above is my final edit which I will now learn to vectorize (is that a word?) in Adobe Illustrator.

Be still my heart.

Experience any GOOD changes lately?

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