fall fashion – for the rest of us

I know.  It’s still pretty warm in most parts.  But let’s be honest – we’re ready for some cooler weather.  The scarves.  The jeans.  The sweaters.  The lack of profuse sweating.  I’m all over it.  How about you?
studio waterstone
This year I’m loving…
Skinny Jeans
Soft Leggings
Layers – always
Soft, Worn Leather Bags
My favorite Styles?
Totes (not too big)
Crossbodies (perfectly sized to secretly hold it all)
Small Crossbodies (for when I only need the essentials)
Distressed Bomber Jacket Bags (for when I want it all)
Foldover Clutches (for dates)

What’s your fall fashion favorite?
And thank you for your valuable input yesterday.  Every comment counts!
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  1. Oh Yah .. my kind of gal! Just like the fall of 84 .. so happy styles come back! Even the cowl neck is back .. yipee!! Now if I could fit back into that original size .. hummmmmmmm….

  2. I want to be that girl! I am trying to add more style to the way I dress. I have become far to schleppy. I love the way these styles look effortless and maximize what is probably already in their closets. These looks are timeless. And as for bags, you had me at worn leather and bomber jacket styles! 😉
    Enjoy the day.

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