fashion for the rest of us and a treat!

I finished a handbag today – YAY! Can’t wait to show you at the end of the week. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see it tonight. But that’s not my point. My point is fashion and, today, a treat that I found worthy of of extreme drooling. I know, they hardly go together…food and fashion. Unless they fall into the category of things you love. Moving on…

the fashion

I know this is a little summery…but with the jacket? I LOVE it.
Switch the sandals up with a nice pair of boots and you’re good to go.



This jacket. Love.


the treat

Bugles, with peanut butter scooped inside then dipped in chocolate.

Tell me. Besides the treat, which works best for you?

Psst…all of these items are found on Pinterest.

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  1. Love the first look, you’re right put on a pair of boots and a chunky knit cowel and it will be FAB!!! Love that sweater too and those Bugles OMG, stop it!!!

  2. Sorry Lori, but the Bugles come first!! OMG, that sounds soooo good!
    Okay, absolutely love the first one, but it has gotten cold here very quickly and I would need more than the denim jacket! Love the second one also. So I choose the second one, with the bag in the first one. got all that??? I always love your choices!
    Peanut butter? Check!
    Chocolate? Check!
    Off to buy the Bugles 🙂

  3. OMG…the bugles! Who would have thunk it!
    I love the last jacket as well, and who would have thought at scarf could look that awesome on your head!

  4. I’m loving the jean jacket and long skirt w/your suggestion of riding boots – I’ve got two jean jackets I switch out at this time of year – love them both! But it’s still hot here so the jeans, scarf, vest and riding boots are calling to me because I’m longing for cooler weather! But the bugles,….those are fit for any season and any time of day!! Even breakfast!

  5. Love the third one too – I would totally wear that! Love that sweater/jacket – beautiful detail and design!

    I’m working on some “dipping” things in chocolate for the kids halloween parties at school (and for us at home too – Yum!). Might just have to try the p-nut butter bugles in chocolate too…

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful items!

  6. Love it all! Really love the pops or orange and turquoise! I have been wanting and looking for a jean jacket like that for FOREVER and no luck 🙁 They all seem to be kinda stiff and boxy when I try them on in the stores. The hunt continues 🙂

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