Class, today we’re going to talk about feeling special. I have three examples. Two involve me and the other will involve another “special” individual and when I’m discussing this individual, I’m talking about an “eating the elmers glue” kind of special.

First, one special lady (the good kind of special) featured me, yes ME, on her blog yesterday. I am/was tremendously honored as I have never been featured or talked about in a good way in my entire life. This special lady is Kelley Wenzel of Kelley’s Bead Studio. She and Lorelei visited this past Friday and to be honest, Kelley was snapping pictures like a woman gone mad. (Of course, we all know that she isn’t mad – she plays with fire for heaven’s sake.)

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Anyway, while snapping pictures I heard her mutter something about an interview. Of course, I assumed this interview would be with Lorelei because she’s, well, she’s Lorelei and everybody loves Lorelei. Imagine my shock and amazement and HONOR to find that she was referring to me. Please hop over to Kelley’s blog to see what a wonderful interviewer and photo snapper she is. While you’re there, take a gander at her beads – they are glorious.

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

What else is making me feel the specialness? It would be my fabulously easy and delicious dinner as I spend the evening bach-ing it. Don’t get me wrong – I love Mr. W. But I also love me some bachelorette time. I am celebrating with blackened salmon, peach salsa, salad and I rationalized that since I was eating a healthy dinner with no carbs, I would have…

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…for dessert. I know, so not gourmet. But I love these things. Do you want to know how much fat it has? How much SATURATED fat it has?

I didn’t think so. Moving along…

The third “special” involves my pup, Sophie. She will be going in tomorrow morning WITHOUT breakfast or water to have a few cysts removed. When she leaves the vet tomorrow afternoon, she will be wearing “the cone of shame” for ten days. TEN, for crying out loud! Now, any other mother would feel sorrow and pain for her doggie. Not me – okay, maybe a little. However, I know a fantabulous photo op when I smell one. And thus, when Soph wears the infamous “cone of shame”, she will look special. The eating Elmers Glue kind of special.

Until tomorrow.

*top photo credit: Kelley Wenzel


  • Tell Sophie that Nora had to wear her “cone of shame” for 4 weeks. Her sibs Phoebe and Risa and Zoe the cat had a good laugh.
    Congratulations on your interview, I am heading over there right now.

  • You are welcome for the interview. I hope you get some new friends/followers/customers out of it. I’m sorry I was so rude the whole time snapping pics, but I couldn’t help myself. Similar to my OCD closet color coding. But we won’t talk about that anymore…

    Mmmm, the bach dinner looks awesome!

  • Kelley,
    Are you kidding? I was actually envious that you found things to make beautiful pictures from. I look around and just see a cluttered studio. Clearly you have an eye for photography. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I feel the same about my currently cluttered and downright messy studio. But I liked the pics Lorelei took and thought, hey! it CAN look so much better through someone else’s eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • you are special indeed! & poor poor puppy!! When my son gets in trouble he keeps putting a blanket over his head & we’ve taken to calling it his cloak of shame ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahaha

  • Oooooh the cone of shame! My pupper, Nana, got out of hers by sticking her face up to us continually so that we had to join her in the cone then repeatedly hitting it against the table leg in an effort to whack it off. Kind of reminded me of a pinata reenactment…cone stayed on less than an hour before we gave in!

  • Thanks for the sympathy on the cone of shame. I’m sure she will wear it with her head held high – not. ๐Ÿ™‚

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