focus on life: from where i stand

have a lovely
What a great topic. It can be interpreted in so many ways, literally and figuratively. This week I’m literal.

Sometimes I ask the question, “how is this photo staged?” and “what’s outside of the camera’s lens?” I did another post on this very topic here and it got some great responses – seems I’m not the only one asking this question. Staging is so important – that and cropping.

I’m such a digressor – digresser? – I digress.

In the spirit of this week’s Focus on Life topic, staging and what’s outside of MY lens…from where I stand…

focus on life: from where i stand

pulled back

have a lovely

up close
(let’s face it – active cropping is the facelift of photography, don’t you think?)

focus on life: from where i stand

and pulled back. a la kitchen faucet and paper towels.

have a lovely

have a lovely

Have a lovely weekend, my friends.
And be sure to look beyond the camera’s lens.

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  1. Lovely art as usual. I can color in the lines… but I can’t really draw at all. Love your very clean kitchen, I can never get mine to look like that or even stay like that….and what a cozy chair….someplace to sit and read…Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks Beti! Actually, I’ve been thinking of doing another Watercolor 101 installment but I’ve yet to choose a topic. Anything you’d like to see covered? Just give me a shout.

    • Thanks. Actually, I don’t have little ones anymore so it doesn’t get as bad as it used to. However…did you click on the link to the first post on this subject??? I shot in my studio and it wasn’t very neat to say the least. 🙂

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