September Wallpaper from Studio Waterstone

Hi all! Oh my goodness, let me begin by saying that moving a kid out is exhausting – even more so than moving myself. My rationalization is that emotions count for 50% of the exhaustion. At any rate, she’s moved out and it only cost us $945,678.25. I’m pretty sure. If my calculations are correct.

New Wallpaper! Better late than never, right? And it was almost worth the wait because I am loving September’s Desktop/iPad/iPhone Wallpapers! They’re fresh and cheerful – as we should all feel heading into my favorite season of the year. BTW, I also have backgrounds sans “September” because I would use them any time of the year and I hope that you do as well.

Ever the broken record, I must add the obligatory phrase…this is 100% copyright protected by little old me and is for personal use only. Simply click the link below to download, then save as your wallpaper.


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