february desktop calendar in mint green

february desktop calendar in pink & white
Can you believe it’s almost February? After having a chilly January calendar, I decided to warm things up a bit for February with “loving” pale pinks and mint greens. It comes in two versions – the first has a mint green border and the second has a bright white outline (the gray border won’t be there. Hope you like them!
Click here to download the green
Click here to download the pink and white
I’m hoping to develop a printable but that’ll take a little longer thanks to Sophie’s stomach – you don’t want to know…trust me. She is doing better though.
Have a lovely day.


  • Oh they are both lovely Lori.
    I hope Sophie feels better soon, I hate it when they are poorly, my Jack Minty pulled a claw out the other day, and she’s been a bit down ever since, can’t wait for it to heal a bit and have my lovely springy happy pooch back.

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