freedom is…

Freedom is Beautiful

Taxes. Taxes, I hate. Doing taxes, I deplore. So I procrastinate. Then it begins.
And drags out. And when they’re done (yesterday) I celebrate and do declare… 
Freedom is beautiful. I’m a kid in a candy shop.

Digital Sketch

Digital Sketch
Two separate digital paintings created using 53 Paper.
Then Photoshop stepped in for expression’s sake.
Freedom is, indeed, beautiful.

What’s you’re dreaded, procrastinated task? I know you have one.
We all do. Isn’t it blissful freedom once you’ve tackled it?

Posted in my sketchbook.


  1. I hate doing my taxes, too. I always know that I am getting money back and I also know that it is never as difficult as I think it will be but I always put it off until the VERY.LAST.MINUTE. Like April 15th(ish). I also put off doing commissioned work as long as I can. I think that is because much of the creative process that I like is determined by the person requesting something and I don’t like losing control. (Control issues much?!) 🙂

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