frick & frack: sophie and her compadres…

Frick & Frack

sophie & oreo appropriately dubbed frick & frack
(not sure which is which)

Soph & Jeff

hiking with jeff
sophie and her favorite goose

Soph & Jes

forgive me for re-using this image. she loves to model with my model.
When thinking of this week’s assignment for Focus on Life – pairings – I naturally went to our Sophie, who is not feeling up to snuff these days, and how she pairs well with everything and everyone. The family. The camera. The cat – sort of. Squirrels and stuffed animals especially. So, I offer up a few images of Sophie and her compadres.
Participating in Week 36: Focus on Life.
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  1. Sorry to hear the Sophie is not feeling well. Since the teen went to college her cat has been head butting and snuggling with our lab Phoebe.

  2. Oh! I just want a Sophie dog so badly everytime I see her picture! She is such a love. I especially love that last one. Give her a scritch between the ears for me! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Love the photo bomb! Our Moose has that very same duck/goose. He luvs it so much. Sorry to hear that Sophie is under the weather, hope this finds her on the other side. It’s nice to “see” your model again.

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