from my palette…

from my palette

Hello friends. While painting, I fell in love with this icy blue shade of paint water. Without fail, the surprising shades of transparent color demand notice. (or can it be attributed to my ADD?)

What a week! Brimming with busy-ness and creative endeavors, projects and ideas. Motivated perhaps by a new school year? Thoughts of autumn? Can’t quite put my finger on it. Nevertheless, I finished very little but, oh, the beginnings were splendid and inspired.

from my palette

Purchased a new tube of Windsor & Newton Designers Gouache in lovely turquoise to add opaqueness to an ongoing painting. Inspired.

Thrilled to see leather handbags coming to fruition and feel certain that they will see completion next week. Yay!

My bedroom redo… currently working on an upholstered headboard. Jeff built the frame and it (impatiently) awaits foam and fabric.

from my palette

Are you experiencing this feeling of new beginnings? What inspired you this week? Feel free to include a link if you’ve shared your own inspiration. Be it a blog, instagram, etc. Do share.

And have a lovely weekend.

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  1. What a beautiful painting. I am at the start of a 3 and a half day weekend and I intend to spend it sat on the kitchen floor getting some painting done to finally get some ideas and inspirations out of my sketch book and onto canvas =)

  2. Love that blue!!
    I did a blog post I think last week about my thoughts turning to Autumn. I thought I was a little premature, but it’s nice to hear others are starting to think the same. I got my beads out and rooted for rich Autumnal shades, I think I only have a couple of summery pieces left in me before I start to move to darker, richer colours

  3. Such a pretty glass of blue water…looks good enough to drink. Ask my cat,,,he takes nips of my paint water all the time,,,but never yellow. Like he knows it is bad or something but blue he will drink anytime.

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