from simple white bowls


come personalized keepsakes.


This was my project in 2005 when Jessie and I went to one of those pottery studios.
What? You think I’m going to let a 12 year old have all the fun?
(BTW, her project was gorgeous. I’ll show you next week)


But you know…


Porcelain paint pens are readily available now. How easy would it be to create a unique keepsake with thrifted pottery? What a great activity for yourself as well as your child.
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  1. So lovely and sweet. If I attempted it would look very much like something a 7 year old brings home from a birthday party at a pottery shop!

  2. If anyone saw my handwriting, I would be banned from paint pens!!! That is a show piece! I love that you did the front AND the back – gorgeous!!!

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